Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp by Chris Ball

Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp

This self-paced online course is designed to cover all the key topics that will help you build financial fitness for a lifetime!

You deserve a lifetime of financial fitness!

Are you ready to get started today?

It is another new year and you have decided that it is finally time. You are fed up with being in debt and feeling disorganized. You have had enough of wondering where exactly your money goes every month. You are nervous because you know you have not saved enough for the future. You have seen friends and family struggle with their finances and it is a scary feeling.

You have tried New Years’ Resolutions. You lasted for a few weeks and then went right back into your old habits. You have written out budgets and tried various money management tools. However, you just haven't found the right system to help you finally take control of your money. Lately, you have just adopted an "I'll deal with it tomorrow" attitude toward financial issues.

  • You intend to sit down and figure out where you are financially, but just end up binge watching Netflix
  • You want to learn about successful money management but find the endless amounts of information on the internet overwhelming
  • You start the week intending to spend only $50 on coffee and lunch, but by Tuesday you blew your budget and will try again next Monday
  • You want to start traveling more and enjoying life but feel like you will never have enough cash to do it
  • You like your credit card for the airline miles but you cringe every month when the statement arrives and you see how much you've spent
  • You feel like your student loans made a marriage vow - "Until death do us part".
What has been holding you back in taking control of your money?

As a professional financial planner and a certified personal trainer, I see so many similarities between maintaining physical health and achieving financial fitness. Many of my clients previously struggled with the scenario I described above - dealing with both their health and their money! Combining my two main passions, I wanted to provide a platform for people like you who are committed to getting mastery over their budget and building financial muscle.

You know successful money management is possible. However, you just haven't found the right way to unlock what works best for you. What would be different for you if you had the following:

  • Habits that enable you to get the most out of your finances
  • A clear vision of what you want out of your money
  • The tools needed to discuss money topics with the most important people in your life
  • Clarity on your spending patterns and a plan for every dollar you earn
  • Understanding of products that can protect you and your loved ones from life's unexpected events
  • Instruction about savings and investing in clear, easy to understand language
  • Total understanding on how the decisions regarding big ticket expenses in life should be driven by YOUR personal goals
  • A relationship with money where you are always the master and money becomes a permanent faithful servant
If you keep doing the same things, you will get the exact same results. Let's work together and change that!

As a personal trainer, I have worked with so many people who wanted to improve their health and wellness. They had tried the fad diets, the hot new toy on the fitness market, and had spent a fortune on the latest extreme, insane, awesome workout video series. The problem was not with their knowledge. They just hadn't found what would work best for them. They needed someone to help them build new habits and attitude to take full control of their health and wellness. Once they mastered the mental aspects of physical fitness, they were able to make significant transformations.

Money works the exact same way. A study from Cambridge University indicates that most of our money habits and impressions are shaped by the age of seven years old! What was going on in your life during that time? What money memories do you have growing up? You probably do not even realize how much your money habits are driven by emotion. Once you recognize the power of emotion in managing your finances, you can channel it in a productive way that helps you make meaningful changes for a lifetime.

Introducing Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp

Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp is here to help you take your finances to the next level. This self-paced online course is designed to cover all the key topics that will help you build financial fitness for a lifetime. The course is fun and easy to follow. Your personal relationship with money is yours alone. Instead of just telling you WHAT to think about money, I believe it is better to teach you HOW to think about important money topics. You will be armed with the knowledge you need for all the big financial decisions in your life. That way, you can make the best decision possible and make sure it truly aligns with YOUR goals. I am so confident in the benefits of the course, that I am backing it with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The course is broken down logically into 12 sections.Here is just a small sample of what you can expect!

  • You will cover the foundation of financial muscle and the qualities needed to succeed.
  • You will learn four critical money concepts that are essential to everyone
  • You will see how clear goals for your money are the fuel to a lifetime of financial muscle
  • You will learn the power of communication regarding money - you cannot avoid talking about it
  • You will determine what place credit cards and debt should have in your life
  • You will understand how important insurance is and how you can use it to protect you and your loved ones
  • You have been told that buying a house is the key to financial success - is that true?
  • You will make informed decisions regarding cars and other means of transportation
  • You will understand education planning and will be able to make sound decisions
  • You will see the power of retirement planning and why you should care RIGHT NOW regardless of your current age
  • You will understand the difference between sound investing and speculation
  • You will understand why all of us need estate planning - it is not a fun subject but must be done to protect your legacy
We live in a world where we are surrounded by instant gratification and quick fixes. Habits and principles take time to develop and instill. If you go through Financial Muscle Boot Camp, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to win with money for LIFE. You’ll be amazed at the results. Let’s get started together!


"This is an outstanding course — you will change your relationship with money forever!"

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We Are Committed To Your Financial Fitness

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How long is the course?

The course is self-paced and you can do it at a speed that works best for you! Some of the lessons will take  some time for you to fully implement, but you can still move forward. 

What outcome can I expect?

I want you to change your relationship with money for a lifetime. I believe there are 3 key qualities all of us need to really succeed: Awareness, Accountability, and Consistency. If you implement them into all areas of your financial life, you will see powerful changes. Those same qualities apply to physical fitness as well! 

What is the purpose of Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp?

This course is designed for educational purposes. I do not give specific personal advice on any topic. That is because I want to empower YOU to make specific, personal decisions as a result of this course. 
I do not believe in a "one-sized fits all" approach to money. Each of us have unique individual financial needs. It is important that you understand those needs and meet them in a way that fit your circumstances. There are a lot of things to watch out for in the financial industry, and we will discuss them. 

What guarantees do you offer?

I am so confident in this course that I provide a 60-day money back guarantee. I want you to be happy and make sure that you get what you need out of Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp!

My mission is to empower you to achieve financial fitness for a lifetime!

Build Financial Muscle was born out of my love for fitness and for personal finance. I previously worked as a full-time personal trainer and I really enjoyed the interaction with my clients and also serving their fitness needs. When I became a professional financial planner, I couldn’t help but notice there were so similarities between the obstacles clients faced in building a healthy body and also taking control of their financial situation.

I love writing and teaching others about personal money management, so I wanted to provide resources to help people achieve financial fitness.  My mission is to help everyone I can succeed with money and use it as a tool to live your life to the full. Financial fitness is within your reach. Let's work together and make sure you are on the right path to build financial muscle for a lifetime.