My mission is to empower you to achieve financial fitness for a lifetime!

Build Financial Muscle was born out of my love for fitness and for personal finance. I previously worked as a full-time personal trainer and I really enjoyed the interaction with my clients and also serving their fitness needs. When I became a professional financial planner, I couldn’t help but notice there were so similarities between the obstacles clients faced in building a healthy body and also taking control of their financial situation.

I love writing and teaching others about personal money management, so I wanted to provide resources to help people achieve financial fitness.  My mission is to help everyone I can succeed with money and use it as a tool to live your life to the full. Financial fitness is within your reach. Let's work together and make sure you are on the right path to build financial muscle for a lifetime. 

Build Financial Muscle Boot Camp

You deserve a lifetime of financial fitness. Are you ready to get started today?

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Financially Fit Cash Management

The foundation of good personal finance begins with cash management. This course covers all of the critical information you need to keep a healthy financial...

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